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Binary Student Group

We have a group of students in today from the Binary student complex close to here. We are particularly keen to work with young people from various nationalities, who seem so keen to soak up any nuggets of wisdom imparted by our master brewer Kevin Summons-Walsh . The atmosphere is extremely jovial and getting more…
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Beer Workshop

Artisan Brew on Thomas St. has hosted some very high profile clients recently . On Tues last we hosted a group fromĀ  The Heineken marketing dept. in Dublin. On Friday last we hosted Indeed Ireland staff, Check out our Face Book page @Artisan Brew. They had a blast and the videos show some of the…
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Heineken Beer Workshop

Heineken Beer Workshop   Heiniken marketing department in today to see the art of beer brewing. The course was thought by our in-house master brewer Kevin Summons-Walsh. The team spend 3 hours observing and getting involved in creating a “Heineken like” Larger. 25 Heineken staff were present for the course. Here are some pictures.  …
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A little about us

We are the Artisan Brew company. Our purpose is to teach people the art of Beer and Wine making. We have a dedicated team who will take you through the process of everything, from ingredients to fermentation. Join us on our next adventure by booking a course here   Thanks for reading, Don